Workin’ It Out (WIO) Radio is 60 dynamic minutes of thought- provoking conversation and listener call-in. WIO offers expert advice from corporate diversity & inclusion (D&I) practitioners and celebrities, designed to help its Multicultural listeners celebrate diversity and overcome D&I challenges at work.

WIO is hosted by Dr. Vanessa Weaver and co-host Norman Bailey.




WIO co-hosts discuss current D&I related news stories and events.



Celebrities and D&I experts share their personal experiences and offer advice.



Unique D&I Perspectives from Chief Diversity Officers and Human Resources Managers.



How to navigate a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Meet our


Vanessa Weaver, Ph.D


Dr. Vanessa Weaver was born into a family of African-American entrepreneurs that expected success and service to others. She translated that expectation in to a commitment to advance diversity and inclusion. Under Dr. Weaver’s leadership, Alignment Strategies has led the charge, influencing organizations to focus on diversity as a business enabler. ALS’ initiatives reduced attrition among Multicultural professionals, by as much as 50 percent. Dr. Weaver leverages media to advance D&I conversations. She launched DITV, a 24/7 Web-based news show, in October 2017. She is Executive Producer and Lead Host of Workin’ It Out on Soundcloud and iTunes Podcasts. Dr. Weaver is a regular columnist for Diversity Best Practices’ online newsletter. She co-authored Smart Women, Smart Moves, focusing on how women create and maintain work relationships. Dr. Weaver holds a BS, Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Our Co-Hosts

Norman Bailey

Norman Bailey

Co-host and Executive Coach

Norman Bailey studied Visual Media at American University before becoming an on-air radio personality and radio marketing executive. A brief assignment in independent promotion for record labels segued into television production, which included projects for numerous socially conscious organizations. That experience led to opportunities involving non-profits.

Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart

CEO, The Small World Group

Bruce Stewart consults with senior executives on leadership implications for Inclusion and Engagement, and works with ALS’ client teams, helping them enhance innovation and ingenuity to drive business results.

Glenn Dorris

Glenn Dorris

President, Dorris Consulting

For over 10 years, Glenn Dorris has served as the Key Lead Business Partner for Alignment Strategies, Inc. (ALS), leveraging 30+ years of direct line management and organizational transformation expertise, delivering ALS’ unique value proposition for our clients.

Fiona Dawson

Fiona Dawson

President, Fiona Dawson, LLC

Fiona Dawson is an Emmy®-nominated multi-media director, producer and writer. She directed Transgender, at War and in Love commissioned by The New York Times and created the media project TransMilitary, which intimately shares the lives of American transgender troops risking discharge as they work to end the discriminatory ban upon their service.

Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez

CEO, Amistad Associatates

Juan Lopez is a Subject Matter Expert on diversity, inclusion and engagement of Latinos and other African American and Hispanic Talent. He is a leader of a national think tank that focuses on compelling diversity issues.

Salandra Fleming

Salandra Fleming

President, Get More Wisdom

Salandra Fleming is an author, life coach and Human Resources and organizational development professional and leader. She has worked with businesses across various sectors, including a leading national retail company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLC and several national non-proft organizations.

Claire Tse

Claire Tse

President, Tse Solutions

Claire is a master facilitator and executive coach focusing on helping people work more efficiently and effectively with each other in many different cultures. She uses over 35 years of work experiences to create instructional designs to enhance one’s political savvy to successfully navigate the organizational culture.